4 Tips For Turning Your B2B Content Into a Sequel

It’s summer, the cinema multiplexes are packed with the scent of freshly popped popcorn and promising blockbusters, and audiences morph into motion picture critics as they scour the big screens. Once a movie becomes an absolute classic, there’s only one thing audiences love more than that — a sequel that outshines its predecessors. Toy Story, Alien, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Bond, and more are just a fraction of fan-favorite sequels. Sequels that end up becoming better than the original movie use what the audience already knows and loves about the franchise and build upon that. When a movie franchise gets it right, audiences instantly know and will faithfully watch for the nostalgia and experience.

A lot of what goes into making a great sequel can also be adapted to B2B marketing. Think about any highly successful B2B content. Was it created and then forgotten about? Of course not. Old content can be given new life by being repurposed into another format or updated with new industry information. Great B2B content is more than just a one-and-done marketing effort. Repurposing content becomes standard practice in order to keep up with content demand. 

However, three out of four (75%) marketers at large companies outsource content marketing and two-thirds (67%) of marketers are asked to create more content with the same resources. Whether your content marketing team size is large or small, creating just a single piece of content can be time- and resource-intensive. To overcome resource constraints, make repurposing content the star of the show. 

To create another box office hit out of your B2B content, here are 4 tips for turning your B2B content into a blockbuster sequel: