Pop the cork! Find the perfect leads with B2B content syndication

What goes together better than champagne and brie? A super-helpful content asset that’s paired with a partner who can get it in front of the prospects that you want to attract the most.

That, in a (cheesy) nutshell, is how B2B content syndication works. When it’s executed flawlessly, you generate quality leads, build deep relationships with your prospects, and drive more sales. But before you pop the cork on that bottle of bubbly and celebrate your accomplishments, you first need to build a foundation for content syndication success.

Why B2B content syndication is trending

As CMOs get asked to “do more with less,” they face three major barriers to effective lead generation.

1. Big-time digital ad costs. Online and social media ads aren’t getting more affordable anytime soon. Data from 2021 shows significant increases in the costs of ads on Google, LinkedIn, Meta, and TikTok, with LinkedIn ads up 30% year-over-year. (TikTok is up an astounding 185%!)

2. Erratic event attendance. In-person events are attracting just 65% of their pre-pandemic audiences. At the same time, half of all virtual event attendees say they’re “significantly fatigued.”

3. The cookie-pocalypse. Changes to iOS privacy settings, Google’s phasing-out of third-party cookies, and regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act and General Data Protection Regulation make list purchases a non-starter.

B2B content syndication blows past all three of these barriers. In fact, our team at Unreal Digital Group has found that it’s more cost-effective than 90% of the tools in our lead gen toolbox.

How to win with content syndication today

Step 1 in building an applause-worthy content syndication program is creating irresistible content. Above all, your content must speak directly to the buyers that you’re looking to attract. So, be sure to review your buyer personas, confirm that the pain points you think they have are the ones they actually have, and craft messages that will resonate with them right now.

While your content will be free to download, your prospects will still pay a price: submitting their personal information on a gated landing page. That’s why each asset that you choose to distribute in a B2B content syndication program must bring your prospects high value.

Once you’ve created the most delicious content, Step 2 in your B2B content syndication recipe is finding the right vendor. The best vendors will use first-party data, which increases your chances of hitting your precise target. Bonus points if your vendor uses intent data, valuable metrics that give you insight into your buyers’ interests based on their online activity.

DemandWorks, for example, analyzes behaviors across more than 100 unique data points. It then uses intent data to deliver a fully customized 1:1 content experience that generates highly engaged leads and drives conversion. One of DemandWorks’ customers, PathFactory, increased the value of its pipeline leads by 30X over program costs by using DemandWorks for content syndication.

Find your perfect content syndication pair

If you’re ready to take a deeper dive, read our ultimate guide to B2B Content Syndication. You’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right content formats
  • How many assets you’ll need to succeed
  • 6 tips to creating syndication-friendly content
  • 4 critical questions to ask vendors
  • The metrics you’ll need to measure your ROI

If you have any questions, send us a message, and we’ll get right back to you!