Campaign Execution

Bring your strategies to life

Email and nurture campaigns

Create a nurture approach that’s anchored to high-level marketing objectives and priorities, promoting customer and prospect action.

Account-based marketing

Identify and reach target accounts and buyers through scalable, easy-to-implement ABM campaigns, ultimately growing your customer base.

Direct mail

Generate powerful brand association and awareness through targeted, audience-relevant direct mail campaigns that reach potential leads and close important deals.

Live events

Execute meaningful live event experiences that generate targeted leads.

Digital events

Connect your brand with your customers and prospects through innovative online and digital experiences that gain industry and community buzz.

Paid social and search

Reach prospects where they frequent — social platforms, targeted communities, and more to drive website and content views, engagement and conversations, and leads.

Expertise At Your Service

Put our experience to work

Working with UDG means working with senior-level marketers who know how to succeed—and want you to win. Every member of our team is a marketer with a solid B2B background, from project management and content creation to distribution and marketing technology.

You can lean on our expertise to take your B2B campaigns to the next level. We’ll help you implement best practices and innovative strategies that make your marketing more impactful and efficient.

Woman sits with laptop and works on b2b email marketing strategy.
Campaign Execution

B2B Email Marketing: How To Lower Your Unsubscribe Rates With a Delightful Email Preference Center

Let’s face it. We all get a lot of emails. As marketers, it’s our job to build relationships. And if done right, email is a tool on the belt that we can use to engage, …

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Campaign Execution

Q&A with Postal: Why Direct Mail and Gifting Helps Increase Engagement

Humanized marketing is at the core of what we do at UDG. It’s more than just helping B2B companies with demand generation and marketing strategy needs — it’s about growing client and partner connections while …

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Man looks at laptop to see what the top b2b marketing events.
Campaign Execution

An Updated Guide to the Top B2B Events to Attend in 2020

As the B2B events scene continues to be greatly affected by the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus and new health mandates, companies are reimagining the major role that B2B events play in boosting brand awareness, …

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Two women discuss virtual marketing events.
Campaign Execution

3-Step Method to Shifting from Live to Virtual Events

It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic has changed our world overnight — people and businesses are in a state of uncertainty as social distancing is becoming a temporary normal. For brands and their …

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Hands typing on keyboard, representative of email marketing engagement.
Campaign Execution

Email Marketing — Everything Old Is New Again

As we listened to a partner talk about technical capabilities, his voice dropped off when his phone’s Bluetooth shifted from his device to his wife’s as she pulled into their garage — picking up a …

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Colleagues discuss influencer marketing.
Campaign Execution

How To Kickstart Your Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is finding its way into B2B strategies in every industry because more companies are finding that it truly is an effective tactic for raising brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty and engagement, driving sales, and …

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