Location is everything

At least that’s the case when it comes to geomarketing. We can help you target customers at an event or within a geographic area via their smartphones with relevant, timely messages.

Mobile ad spending was predicted to surpass all spending on all forms of traditional media combined by 2020.

Right time, right place

Reach customers in the moment.


Connect with customers via conference booths, event registrations, and new product launches.

Competitive campaigns

Market against your biggest competitors in real time, providing your customers with competitive offers as they attend competitor or industry events.

Brand awareness

Connect with prospects and then follow up with relevant emails and advertising to engage them further.

Geomarketing at work

See three ways to really connect.


Advertise on mobile browsing sites within a specific area.

Social targeting

Leverage social platforms to reach event attendees.


Follow up with prospects who engaged with you at the event.
Demandworks Geomarketing Q&A

Why Geo-Targeting is So Effective: An Interview with DemandWorks

UDG launched our GeoMarketing for Events service at the beginning of 2020, and we all know what happened next!  We are pleased to bring this service back, as in-person events start to make a comeback ...
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Team works together on b2b marketing strategies.

How To Evolve Your B2B Marketing in an Ever-Changing Digital World

As the world settles after years of disruption, the importance of technology use in our daily lives has never been more front and center. Work still has to get done, goals need to be met, ...
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Woman watches phone while sitting on the couch. Facebook AR Ads are the new B2B marketing.
Campaign Execution

Facebook AR Ads Breathe New Life into B2B Marketing

So as AR technology continues to change and improve, so do the applications in the B2B world. In light of today’s fast-changing social and business environments due to the coronavirus crisis, B2B companies must now ...
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What is GeoMarketing?

Geomarketing, geofencing, and geotargeting oh, my!  If you’ve heard of one of these GEOs, you may be thinking, “If I heard one, I’ve heard them all. Aren’t they all the same?”.  And the answer is, no.  ...
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