New Year, New You: Marketing Trends for 2020

Here are five marketing trends we’re exploring in 2020: 1. Geomarketing At its most basic, “geomarketing describes any form of marketing that incorporates location intelligence in order to improve the odds of a particular message reaching the right consumer at the right time.” Geomarketing has been around for a few years, particularly in B2C industries, where …

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What is GeoMarketing?

Geomarketing, geofencing, and geotargeting oh, my!  If you’ve heard of one of these GEOs, you may be thinking, “If I heard one, I’ve heard them all. Aren’t they all the same?”.  And the answer is, no.  Although they’re similar in ways where each “geo” leverages customer location data to reach a hyper-targeted audience, geomarketing has different …

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