Channel Marketing

Amplify your marketing efforts

Our team understands how to create a channel strategy and then put it into motion.

Mobilizing channel partners is one of the most effective ways to grow revenue. A successful channel marketing program exponentially broadens your reach and accelerates your leads and sales.

It’s a real good thing. But to get there, you need both a strategy and the resources to execute it. UDG can help you build a channel marketing plan, recruit partners, and implement a program that works for you and them.

A recent Zinfi Study came to the surprising conclusion that 60% of marketing development funds go unused.

Channel recruitment

We’ll start by determining who would make an ideal partner and the number of partners your program needs to be successful. We can develop and implement recruitment plans to bring new partners into the mix, strengthening the program overall.

If a partner doesn’t start to market and sell your offering within the first 90 days of recruitment. It’s highly likely that it never will.

Channel onboarding and support

Your partners’ success is your success. That’s why the best channel marketing programs onboard and support their partners. We help by providing training on the program and products, and offering support via marketing campaigns and collateral.

73% of partners say vendor channel programs are too complex 

Channel co-marketing

Get the most from your content investments.

With a co-marketing program, you can double-down on your resellers, giving them adding marketing support to spur their sales. We create co-marketing campaigns and customized content, as well as help resellers launch and manage their own marketing efforts.

84% of the partners did not have a dedicated marketing resource
Channel Marketing

Quick ideas for MDFs to fill your stocking with leads

If you’re a channel marketer with MDF funds left over at the end of the year, don’t let them disappear like Santa back up the chimney. There are still plenty of ways to put those ...
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Channel Marketing

Thank You for Being a Trend — A 2023 Marketing Trend, That Is!

It’s fairly common at the new year to take time to reflect on the previous 12 months and think about how you’ve progressed (hopefully with a glass of bubbles and a slice of your favorite ...
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Retro Vibes: Take Your Channel Marketing Strategy ‘Back to the Future’
Channel Marketing

Retro Vibes: Take Your Channel Marketing Strategy ‘Back to the Future’

What’s old is new again. Look at Top Gun: Maverick, a sequel 36 years in the making and the #1 movie in 2022. The song of the summer? “Running Up That Hill,” recorded 37 years ...
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Colleagues discuss channel partner marketing resources.
Channel Marketing

Offering MDF Is Not Enough: How To Support Channel Partners With Marketing Resources They’ll Actually Use

Marketing development funds (MDF) — also known as channel or co-marketing programs — is one of the most common sources of friction between companies and their selling partners. Typically, companies provide co-op style marketing dollars ...
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Men shaking hands discuss channel marketing partnership.
Channel Marketing

Channel Recruitment Strategy: 5 Tips for Recruiting the Right Partners

Ah, the channel recruitment strategy — it is no different from a demand generation or marketing strategy and no matter how big or small a channel is, it has been the answer to gaining competitive ...
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Partner meeting shaking hands
Channel Marketing

Channel Marketing During COVID-19: Your Partners Need Support and MDF Now More Than Ever

Undergoing change during unprecedented times is inevitable and most businesses are pretty equipped to handle industry changes under normal circumstances; however, we’re not living during normal circumstances. As the ongoing effects of COVID-19 disrupt how ...
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