Strategy and Planning

Build B2B foundations for your future

A strategic plan

Chart your marketing roadmap.

A strategic plan ensures that you align your marketing efforts with your buyers, goals, and budget. Whether you already have some pieces of a strategy in place or need to start from the beginning, we help you build the foundation for marketing success. 

It’s just smarter B2B marketing. Even better? You don’t need to stop what you’re doing now to develop a strategy for later. Maintain your current campaigns while we work in the background to make them that much more effective.

Our B2B strategy services include:

A 2018 CEB study suggested that 57% of buyers are already halfway through the buying process by the time they contact you.

Personas and messaging

Really know your buyers.

Authentic B2B marketing means targeting the right audiences with meaningful messages that align to the business challenges they face every day. We can not only help you identify the persona groups you should focus on, but develop the messaging most likely to resonate with your buyers at the different stages of the buyer's journey.

To get there, we dive into getting to know your existing customers and buyer trends via internal interviews, customer outreach, and available external data. For teams launching new products or entering new markets, we also offer extensive market research.

A 2016 Cintell study showed that 93% of the companies who exceeded their revenue and lead goals had documented personas.

Influencer strategies

Engage your customer communities.

Even in a digital era, people still value word-of-mouth marketing. Influencer strategies elevate traditional WOM for the modern era, mobilizing influential analysts, industry experts and active community members to advocate for your company, products and brand.

We help clients identify and connect with the most effective influencers within their customer communities. And we create strategies that leverage their influencer connections and reach, building awareness and creating exponential buzz.

11x ROI
A 2016 Case Study from TapInfluence and Nielson Catalina documented how a Fortune 500 Food Brand received an 11x sales ROI increase based on their use of influencer marketing.

Content audits and gap analyses

Get the most from your content investments.

Our content audits are far more than a simple inventory. We take a deep dive into your existing content, assessing audience, relevance, potential for re-purposing, where it fits into the buyer’s journey, and more.

The result illustrates your content strengths, highlights your weaknesses, and allows you to better prioritize your content creation. A gap analysis takes the audit one step further by identifying holes, from missing persona-specific content to pieces lacking within individual campaigns.

A 2016 Curta survey of over 1000 marketers showed that 37% had never completed a content audit.

Account-based marketing

Engage with your key accounts.

Account-based marketing (ABM) can yield some impressive results, but only if you do it right. By selectively targeting the right people within your prospects, you can boost campaign ROI and land your ideal customers.

UDG can partner with your sales team to develop your target accounts list, and then identify the right contacts. From there, we’ll create an ABM play that incorporates a combination of elements from personalized content to direct mail to focused events.

A 2018 Gartner Study demonstrated how companies employing ABM programs increased opportunities by 70%.

SEM and digital strategies

Broaden your audience reach.

If you create content without SEM, will anyone ever actually see it? (Probably not.) Modern marketers need an SEM strategy to ensure that their content is reaching their audiences.

We’ll identify the best ways to connect with your customers, building organic and paid search and social plans that integrate with your larger strategy.

A 2020 Hubspot Survey of 3400 Marketers reported that 64% had invested in SEO in the past year.

Demand generation strategy

Start with a revenue-focused strategy.

Demand gen campaigns have one job: To generate meaningful conversations for your sales team. Is yours working? Take advantage of our demand gen expertise to build a strategy that’s integrated and consistent across all your marketing channels.

You’ll understand how your campaigns work together, the ROI of your investment in each channel, and what you can expect from your efforts. With this holistic view, you can ensure that your demand gen efforts deliver.

The 2020 Hubspot State of the Market report showed that the top priority for marketers in 2020 is generating leads.

Campaign and nurture planning

Ensure campaign effectiveness.

Are your campaigns designed to meet your marketing goals? Do your nurtures align with your personas? Are you reaching everyone in your database? Are you getting a response rate that justifies your campaign investments? If your campaigns and nurtures aren’t rooted in a solid strategy, then answering these questions is tough.

Our team of marketing experts can develop a comprehensive approach for your campaigns, anchored to your marketing objectives and matched with your priorities. Your email campaigns may be good — but we can make them better.

In a 2019 Statista Analysis of US internet users, over half the respondents said that email was their preferred method for a brand to contact them with promotions.
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