4 Festive Holiday Campaigns to Cheer About

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for advertising. During the holidays,  marketing teams are supercharged with creativity, and customers are open to fun, delightful offers. We’ve checked off our list of favorite holiday campaigns, and we’re sharing the ones that made it to our top 4.

1. Xfinity: A Holiday Reunion (2019)

After 37 years, E.T. returns to earth to visit his friend, Elliott, for the holidays. Xfinity uses a video ad to reconnect movie fans with a flashback of one of the most memorable on-screen friendships–Elliot and E.T. We love the message of reconnecting, staying connected, and returning home for the holidays all while telling a sentimental story. During E.T.’s stay, he learns of all the new technology (highlighting Xfinity, of course), its capabilities, and the joy that it brings to Elliot’s family.

2. WestJet: Christmas Miracle: Real-Time Giving (2013)

This oldie but goodie Christmas campaign by WestJet is one of our favorites that always comes to mind during the holidays. Christmas and holiday miracles have no boundaries when it comes to making the dreams of 250 unsuspecting WestJet customers come true–two Calgary-bound flights were pleasantly surprised with interaction with Santa Claus himself and a surge of Christmas magic. If you’ve seen this one before or are seeing it for the first time, be prepared for some tear-jerking inspiration to get in the holiday spirit! We love how genuine this campaign was, and how the WestJet team harnessed the joint power of marketing, technology, and their network of airports, partners, and volunteers.

3. Vidyard: Happy Holidays (2017)

B2B holiday campaigns can get a little bit tricky and need an extra bit of creativity. Vidyard’s holiday email and video campaign is a perfect example of how to take creativity and personalization to another level. Vidyard embedded a holiday video into their emails and encouraged audiences to “regift” a holiday message by providing a way for them to send a personalized version to their friends, colleagues, customers, or clients. Not only do we love the creative, fun, and unique nature of this campaign, but we also love how successful and memorable it was.

4. WeWork: Holiday Gift Guide (2019)

WeWork provides co-working and office spaces around the world. For this year’s holiday season, WeWork published a holiday gift guide campaign in their magazine for entrepreneurs. To get their readers ready for the holiday season, WeWork released themed gift guides like “gifts with a personal touch,” “gifts to get the party started,” “gifts for the family,” and “gifts for the digital nomad. We love that WeWork featured brands and companies that were part of the WeWork member community, and how easy and relevant the gift guides are to their audience. Perfect for social sharing and the content can be reused for other holiday campaigns!

Holiday campaigns are meant to bring fun into the mix during the end-of-year chaos and saturation of holiday noise. Don’t let the stress of the holidays get to you. Whether these favorites of ours inspired you to laugh or take action, the underlying message of a holiday campaign should make an audience feel genuinely appreciated and pleasant.

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