Listen up! We Launched a New Podcast

B2B marketers are all business. After all, it’s in the name – twice! But behind it all are real people living and learning from the joys, the pains, and the surprises that make B2B marketing so exciting. And we want… All. The. Deets.

On our new podcast, Marketing Gets Real, Unreal Digital Group founders Cari Baldwin and Dana Harder dig into the real lives and everyday adventures of fellow B2B marketers. 

To get you in the conversational mood, here’s the world’s shortest Q&A about the podcast:

Why create a podcast?

Cari: There are a ton of business podcasts out there – general business, sales, marketing, you name it. But, none of these really talk about the lessons learned and how that’s made people better marketers… and humans because of it. This podcast was created to show the human side of the business world.

What can listeners and viewers expect? 

Dana: There’s real-life stories, cussing, honesty – in other words, no filter. Every episode will be an honest conversation about the f*** ups, tears, and uh-oh moments that show nothing is perfect. We all make mistakes, but we hope that with each episode, our listeners learn not only what NOT to do, but how to move on from it and learn.  

Each season we’ll take on a theme and bring in industry experts to share their trials, tribulations, successes and lessons learned. Here’s the theme for Season One: 

Oh S***: When the marketing hits the fan — and how real marketers cleaned themselves off.

And here’s a taste of the topics we’ll be sending directly to your earballs:

Episode 1: Lessons Learned for Authentic Marketing with Cari and Dana

Episode 2: The Revenue Marketing Revolution with Stacy Gardner, Senior Director of Marketing Programs, Banking Solutions @ Bottomline Technologies

Episode 3: Innovation and the “Oh Shit” Moments. Coming soon!

Episode 4: Managing Channel Partner Expectations. Coming soon!

Episode 5: Customer Experience Perspectives. Coming soon!

And. so. much. more!

So grab a glass of something (or a cup of something if you’re driving) and join Cari, Dana, and their guests for lots of learning and laughter — and maybe a wine recommendation or three.

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