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Healthcare Marketing and a Shifting World

Tune in for insight into the challenges of marketing to doctors during a pandemic, creating a marketing plan, that turns out, wasn’t very effective, and a unique direct mail campaign.

About the podcast

B2B marketers know how to make plans. Global, multi-channel campaign plans supporting millions in pipeline. Fast-moving career plans spanning the world’s leading companies. But behind it all are real people living and learning from the joys, the pains, and the surprises that make B2B marketing so exciting. And we want all the details.

On the Marketing Gets Real podcast, hosts Cari Baldwin and Dana Harder — founders of demand gen agency Unreal Digital Group — dig into the real lives and everyday adventures of fellow B2B marketers. So grab a glass of something and join Cari, Dana, and their guests for lots of learning and laughter — and maybe a wine recommendation or two.

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