S2 E6: Unlocking the Power of Intent Data

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Every decision can be the difference between profit and loss. That’s why the field of Revenue Operations (RevOps) stands as a critical pillar for sustainable growth in modern business. As companies strive to streamline their operations and maximize revenue, they encounter intricate challenges requiring sophisticated solutions.

During this episode of the Marketing Gets Real podcast, hosts Cari and Dana chat with Ellie Cary, Unreal Digital Group’s Global Head of RevOps, to unravel the complexities of this vital business function. Key talking points include:

  • How Marketing and RevOps teams are evolving to support core functions and needs, focusing on unified direction, processes, and strategies.
  • The importance of understanding the customer journey and breaking it down into manageable steps to achieve goals.
  • The need for scalable attribution frameworks and data tie-ins to accounts, partners, and contacts.
  •  How RevOps teams must adapt to changing policies and leverage AI to build logic and track high-intent data.

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