These Are a Few of Our Favorite Marketing Things

To wrap up another great year, UDG wanted to do something special: We asked a few of our clients to share their favorite things about marketing. 

And while no one found a way to fit in raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, we still love what they shared.

Great data for greater execution 

UDG has worked with several clients this year to optimize their marketing tactics and capabilities. They know that the key difference between good and great marketing execution is efficiently using data and analytics to streamline their tactics. 

Make sure that MOPs is the tops

“My favorite marketing things are clean and actionable data, and making sure MOPs have a seat at the table!” 

– Sandra Freeman, VP of Strategic Marketing, Demandbase

Analytics and ROMI, OMG

“My favorite marketing things are: having meaningful, accurate, and actionable data, insights and analytics, and being able to measure Return on Marketing Investment.”

– Vlad Berson, Head of ABM and Enterprise Campaigns, Broadridge 

Getting to know you 

UDG has also worked with several clients to implement more personalized tactics into their marketing campaigns. They know that personalization is a great way to build customers’ trust, not just as part of their buying journey, but as a way to foster long-term loyalty.

Mail you can’t wait to get

“One of my favorite marketing things is using direct mail to connect with our Sage prospects, customers, and partners. Direct mail works and is a great way to create a highly personalized experience!” 

– Lauren Rodrick, Partner Marketing Manager, Sage Intacct 

Video can still be the star 

“My favorite things in marketing are video, video, video, and personalized emails and websites — show me that you know me!” 

– Carolyn Ricciardi, Marketing Communications, Brand Strategy and Demand Generation Lead, Capital One 

Creating exceptional customer experiences

This past year, UDG has worked with several clients to ensure their marketing programs are delivering more than just what customers need now. By helping companies develop CX-focused marketing, we’re ensuring our clients are prepared to give customers what they need regardless of how demand changes in the future

Set the right tone  

“Customer experience is still at the top of my favorite list. This encompasses so much from content (storytelling), personalization, ABM/Demandbase One, and elements to surprise and delight. Talking to the customer along their journey in the right tone, with the right message, and where they see value is satisfying and challenging — but I like a good challenge.”

– Paula Sansburn, Global Director of Campaign Marketing, Axway 

Learn and grow

“I love being able to work in an ever-changing landscape. The challenge of learning new things, whether it be new strategies or technology is exciting. It’s a great time to be a marketer!”

– Jerine Erice, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Reciprocity 

Bonus: Working with UDG. . . We’re blushing! 

“Would it count if one of my favorite things is working with you and the team?” (We say yes, it does!) 

– Jerine Erice, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Reciprocity

As we approach the end of another busy year, we can’t help but feel gratitude for our clients and the work we’ve done with them this year. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2022 such a great year at UDG!