S1 E10: Healthcare Marketing and a Shifting World

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Telemedicine is a booming industry, having grown alongside a technology-focused world. But, how do you market a telemedicine company when your target audience is so overwhelmed, so busy with a pandemic that you can’t even reach them? It presents a big, big problem.

Meg Hoyecki, Vice President of SOC Telemed, found this out first-hand. At the height of the pandemic, she was forced to take a look at the marketing strategies and figure out how to handle pivot for a situation no one could have imagined. Talk about quite the challenge.

Tune in to this episode of the Marketing Gets Real podcast, where our hosts Cari and Dana talk with Meg about some of their “Oh Shit” moments in their career, including:

The headaches that happen when a healthcare company goes public and needs to set up a BDR team during a global pandemic
How messaging has grown ever more important at a time where buyer expectations and needs can change at the drop of a hat
A direct mail campaign that not only caught the eyes of hospital c-suites but promoted sustainability at the same time

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