S1 E3: Beware: The Marketing Blind Spot at Every Organization

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Imagine you’ve just landed your dream marketing job at one of the leading tech companies on the planet. You dive into making things happen — you have a strong plan, a strong team, and the budget you need to follow through on your vision. What could possibly stand in your way?

Office politics. Every organization has them, and our guest Jeff Marcoux of Sphere Strategy learned how to navigate them the hard way. In this episode of Marketing Gets Real, Jeff explains the workplace politics he came up against during his time in one particular B2B marketing role and the lessons he learned about better understanding what makes your colleagues tick. Jeff also shares his hard-earned wisdom about customer marketing, and how a little extra research before taking a new B2B marketing job can make your professional life a lot easier.

Tune in to this episode of the Marketing Gets Real podcast to learn about:

  • Truly targeting the “full funnel”
  • Innovation even when you’re team isn’t ready
  • Making strategic decisions that move the needle
  • Sales enablement strategies to ensure your whole organization is rowing in the same direction

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