S1 E7: Marketing from a Sales Point of View: The Good, The Bad, and Ugly

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Sales and marketing teams have a unique but symbiotic relationship. Sales need marketing to generate leads, while marketing needs sales to provide feedback on what’s working and what’s not. As one can expect, this can lead to massive mixups and mistakes that offer valuable lessons to learn.

Darin Medeiros is the Head of Sales for the Americas at GO1, a continuous learning platform startup that provides a single access point for the world’s best online and instructor-led training content. He has experience starting up a wide array of companies, which means he has a lot of great experience going to market with brand-new companies looking to drive demand and fill pipeline.

Tune in to this episode of the Marketing Gets Real podcast, where our hosts Cari and Dana chat with Darin about:

  • His experience bringing a brand-new company to market
  • Memorable failures around sales leads
  • Alignment with marketing
  • A better understanding of what true event ROI looks like

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