S1 E8: Don’t Talk So Much: How to Listen to Buyers

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Marketing leaders know that in order to be effective they need to be flexible. The marketplace is always evolving and with it, the needs of the customer. To keep up, marketing teams must be able to rapidly adapt their strategies and tactics.

Mac McConnell is a veteran in the marketing world and business tech market. As the former VP of Marketing at ServiceChannel, he saw firsthand how flexible teams are helping companies overcome uncertain market conditions and create unique ways to provide awesome customer experiences. He also helped many businesses adopt marketing automation as one of the co-Founders of Bluebird Strategies, now part of Square2 Marketing.

Tune in to this episode of the Marketing Gets Real podcast, where our hosts Cari and Dana chat with Mac about:

  • Flexibility in times of uncertainty
  • The value of persona messaging
  • Picking up the pieces after a big fail
  • Practicing resilience

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