S1 E9: How to Lead Marketing Teams When Everything is Changing

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How have things changed since Ari Fefferman began working in digital marketing at age 16? For starters, she no longer misses meetings because of an afternoon nap.
As Director of Demand Generation for Fitbit Health Solutions, she’s too busy managing a creative team and staying on top of ongoing integration after Google finalized its acquisition of the company in 2021.

Marketing and demand generation has also changed a lot, and through it all Ari has learned leadership skills and lessons while working in roles ranging from business retail to global financial services to her current role.

Tune in to this episode of the Marketing Gets Real podcast, where our hosts Cari and Dana talk with Ari about:

  • What it’s like to run marketing at startup and enterprise companies alike
  • How to work with lean resources
  • Walking the tough tightrope of balancing employees’ professional goals and company goals.

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