S2 E4: The B2B Power Couple: Unleashing the Revenue Potential of Sales & Marketing

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Alignment between sales and marketing continues to be a prevailing topic of discussion. Despite their shared goal of driving business growth, their distinct approached often lead to divergent strategies and perspectives.

During this episode the Marketing Gets Real podcast hosts Cari and Dana chat with industry pioneer Pam Didner about why this alignment is still a subject of contention and explores the underlying disparities that fuel this conversation. Some key points discussed included:

  • Practical ways marketing can better support sales, such as analysing attendee data from webinars and events to find new leads for salespeople.
  • Advice for marketers in the current economic environment, such as focusing on quick wins in the first 90 days at a new job.
  • Perspectives on how AI can help but not replace human judgment and the importance of having a unique point of view.

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