S2 E5: Confessions of a B2B Marketing Recruiter: What We Look For… and Don’t

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Alignment between sales and marketing continues The marketing field constantly evolves, presenting new opportunities and challenges for professionals. So when we get a chance to provide valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate the dynamic marketing job market, we take it!

During this episode of the Marketing Gets Real podcast, hosts Cari and Dana chat with Brenn Scott, Founder of found.Consulting, and Lindsay Warren, the company’s Head of Talent Acquisition, explore everything you need to know to thrive in the competitive marketing world. Key talking points include:

  • How the talent market was very competitive in 2021-2022 but has cooled off more recently as some tech companies slowed hiring or laid people off. E-commerce remains strong.
  • How to significantly impact employee retention, performance, and costs with well-done onboarding.
  • Common perceptions and misconceptions of working for an agency.
  • Managing Gen Z employees who want flexibility and new challenges will require balancing excitement with ensuring they thoroughly learn roles before moving forward. 

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