S2 E8: Future Proofing Marketing: Sustainability and AI

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Nowadays, we are bombarded with vast information, making it crucial to effectively convey complex data in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand manner, This is where the role of data visualization comes in. Data visualization is a powerful tool that allows us to present complex data in a visual format. The main goal is to communicate insights and trends effectively, making it easier for people to understand and make informed decisions.

During this Marketing Gets Real podcast episode, Cari and Dana chatted with Meg Maffitt, VP of Business Strategy, Marketing and Communications for the water information tech company True Elements. This group discussed how to uncover the powerful techniques and strategies that can transform intricate data into compelling visual narratives. Some key takeaways include:

  • Meg’s winding career path from anthropology and art history to pharmaceuticals, environmental advocacy, and water conservation.  
  • The role of water intelligence in making informed decisions about water resources.
  • Visualizing complex water data and educating audiences at different stages of understanding were discussed as important challenges in marketing water intelligence solutions.
  • Meg shared her experience starting a driver training company with a new paradigm focused on safety through highly trained instructors and parental participation. 

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