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Authentic B2B Marketing.

We believe in


We create b2b marketing for humans, not businesses.


We get real results through blood, sweat, and tears (or strategy, innovation, and creativity.)


We put the FUN in the funnel.


We listen to and focus on what matters the most—you.

Where is UDG

UDG is a global agency, with offices in both in the US and the UK. We’re a completely distributed team and are happy to meet you, wherever that may be.

Meet the Founders

Cari Baldwin and Dana Harder have over 40 years of combined experience in building and executing successful Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Content and Demand Generation Strategies, and Revenue and Profit Growth Models for countless fast-growth and enterprise-level organizations.

Cari Baldwin

Awe-inspiring People Connector and Industry Changer
Cari is a trailblazing thought leader with a passion for making the B2B world a better place, culture-wise and money-wise. Ask her how she’s loving a newly empty nest (yay!)

Dana Harder

Innovative Leader, Zen Master, and Rockstar Singer
Dana, the coffee connoisseur and meditation guru. She’s an accomplished leader who thoughtfully shares the world’s best industry knowledge, strategic tools and values, and wine recommendations.

Meet the Team

We’re a diverse team of business movers and shakers, strategy teachers and drivers, and out-of-this-world thinkers. Our team shares the vision and values of a community that builds meaningful impact and compelling experiences for forward-thinking brands.

Lindsey Andrews

Marketing Champion
The marketer of the hour—Lindsey saves the world, one marketing program at a time all while driving revenue growth. When she isn’t using the latest tech and data to tell stories, she enjoys hiding in a Kindle, exploring the foodie scene, traveling, spending time with family and friends, or working out (blah).

James Barnham

Out-of-This-Worldie Man of Action
With almost two decades of experience aligning and transforming innovative companies, James is a seasoned leader with a proven track record. He's a KPI kicker who prioritizes the big picture, builds trust with stakeholders, and creates complex solutions. Outside of working hours, James enjoys spending time with his young family. Although sleep is a treasured hobby for James, he also finds time to hit the gym, play golf, and support his favorite football team, Fulham. You won’t catch him skipping a beat in chanting "We are Fulham!" at live matches.

Lynsey Barron

Director of Risk and Reward
Lynsey is an exceptional strategic leader and mentor, renowned for her expertise in driving business development and growth strategies for global brands. With invaluable business and financial insights and digital excellence, she plays a pivotal role in shaping vision, strategy, and flawlessly executing campaigns. Beyond business, Lynsey enjoys Peloton workouts paired with a top hits playlist and exploring new restaurants and cuisines. Ask her about her unforgettable first taco experience in Austin! Whether she's crafting ingenious strategies or embarking on culinary adventures, Lynsey brings unwavering enthusiasm to everything she does.

Donovan Bean

Marketing Automation Detailer
If marketing automation challenges and solutions could harmonize, Donovan would be the producer to take this hit to number 1 on the MarTech charts. When Donovan isn’t solving MarTech woes, you can find him playing the guitar, bass, drums, and more, or bouncing around in his Jeep, camping, hot springing, hiking, and rockhounding.

Erin Bell

Not-Your-Average Superwoman
Erin, a trusted industry partner and remarkable leader, wields her strategic prowess to drive business growth and guide agency-wide efficiency improvements. With her multi-channel expertise and passion for client satisfaction, she consistently delivers innovative solutions. When not unleashing her superpowers as a sounding board for sanity, she enjoys quality time with her kids, gardening, and guilty pleasure TV. An active volunteer, she spreads positivity and makes a meaningful impact on her community.

Ollie Bignall

Campaign Crusader
Ollie is a passionate campaign strategist, dedicated to driving revenue growth for B2B and tech companies. His innovative leadership style empowers top-performing teams and cultivates lasting client connections. In dynamic environments, Ollie thrives, strategizing impactful solutions to conquer any challenge. Off the clock, you'll find him on the football field, hitting the gym, or engaging in thrilling games of rugby or darts. Exploring new restaurants, socializing with friends, and embarking on exciting travel adventures fuel his happiness.

Will Blake

Dynamic Data Detective
Cue that favorite spy tune, Secret Agent Will is here to identify and resolve any automation issue. With a background as a meticulous analyst, Will knows how to find context and answers that give meaning to how tech stacks harmonize with and support business goals. In his free time, Will spends time with his wife and three kids, enjoys playing video games, and explores new running and hiking trails.

Toni Boger

Leslie Knope of Content Projects
Toni expertly generates impactful change, bringing the human touch back to the buyer's journey and helping real people solve real problems. Outside of marketing hours, you can find Toni painting watercolor scapes into life, gracefully floating through aerial arts classes at circus school, getting lost in a good book, or volunteering at a historic movie palace in Detroit.

Ellie Cary

Certified Oracle and Automation Maestro
With a devotion to problem-solving the digital world, Ellie identifies automation process gaps and streamlines data flow. She's got a knack for leveraging your MarTech stack. Outside of marketing hours, you can find Ellie spoiling her fur children, adventuring, crafting and DIYing, and channeling her inner green-thumb-less plant being.

Julie Cavanaugh

Happy Camper
Julie is the glue that holds the UDG team together. Her day-to-day tasks vary, but she's always ensuring the company runs smoothly while advocating for UDG in every way possible. When she's not running the show, she's cheering on the Oregon Ducks with an IPA in hand with her husband and son. Go Ducks!

Bretton Chatham

The Original Explainer

Bretton is a savvy strategist with an ear for what clients need, a nose for what their customers want, and an eye for content that converts. In fact, a successful campaign lights up his whole face! When he's not trying to keep up with his young daughter, Bretton likes to read old books, watch old movies, and listen to old country music.

Kaelan Crawford

Search Engine Sorcerer
Kaelan is a data-driven PPC master with years of experience in search, display, video, retargeting, and programmatic channels. In his free time, you might run into him on a downhill mountain bike trail or ski slope working on his GoPro videos.

Jeanne Dagalea

City Nomad
Jeanne sees beauty in the old, complicated, and unknown. When she isn’t providing marketing and design support, she’s dream boarding her next travel destination and honing her home cooking skills.

Katie Dryden

Maven of Riffs & Client Destiny
Katie brings strategic B2B messaging to life and excels in simplifying complex concepts. Her meticulous approach and keen sense of detail enable her to navigate any challenge and maintain strong team and client relationships. When she's not working, Katie loves exploring the local restaurant scene, attending live music and comedy shows, and spending quality time with her son. Her passion for building relationships extends beyond her professional life, as she enjoys socializing with friends and discussing the latest books she's read.

Georgina Ford

Content Curation Unicorn
Georgina, a master in her craft, has saved industries across the globe from obscurity, one content piece at a time. Her expertise spans diverse roles, leading teams, driving marketing success, and boosting readership and revenue. Georgina's passion and dedication fuel her ability to create content strategies that elevate brand presence and recognition. In her free time, she explores the great outdoors with her son and husband, enjoying river floating, horse riding, and Jeep off-roading. She's also an avid animal rescuer, caring for three horses, two goats, 24 chickens, 3 guineas, 7 baby turkeys, two dogs, and a cat, making her home a mini sanctuary!

Mark Ganem

Punctuation Aficionado
Mark has over thirty years of experience as an ace content strategist and writer, creating and executing thoughtful and valuable stories that help grow audiences of top B2B companies. When he isn’t distilling the brilliant thoughts of clients, he’s sweeping through crossword puzzles with his pup, although she’s more like his supervisor.

Alexis Garrison

Problem Solver
Alexis is one determined marketer and is fearless when facing any obstacle. From campaign performance to message strategy and beyond, Alexis uses data to helps clients reach the right audiences and crush business goals. In her free time, she revels in the sports, DIY, and trivia world — you might not meet a bigger NY Giants fan.

Wendy Geister

Master of the Email
Allow us to introduce the people, client, expectation, project, and personality wrangler—Wendy is abnormally skillful at meeting and overcoming the demands and challenges of any business need. When she isn’t preventing the B2B world from spinning off its axis, Wendy loves to travel, hike, socialize with friends, and treasure her time with her dogs from going on walks, and dressing them up in costumes, to supporting dog celebrities and rescues on Instagram.

Maggie Iskander

Resident Word Nerd
Maggie has spent her career working in journalism and content marketing, focusing on business and technology topics. When she's not on her laptop, she's spending time with family and friends, taking long walks with her dog, and enjoying the outdoors.
Amanda Kruit

Amanda Kruit

Jill of All Trades
Amanda has a 6th sense when it comes to problem-solving. Her creative thinking, data-driven, and process development skills jump into action when bringing business and revenue goals to life. Outside of strategizing hours, Amanda enjoys mountain biking, hiking, camping, and spending time with her family.

Lisa Ladle-Wallace

The Closed Won of Content
With more than thirty years of providing client-side, agency, and publishing marketing magic, Lisa turns content and sales dreams into a reality. Budget, timeline and other constraints are no match for her strategy game — Lisa is on a mission to strengthen the relationship between business and audience. When Lisa isn't implementing content solutions, she's working on seeing the world, enjoying life with her dogs, gardening, exploring art fairs, farmers markets and the kitchen, and boating and dining with family and friends.

Emma Longden

S-Tier Content and Branding Machine
Emma is a dynamic problem-solver in the industry, excelling at educating audiences and building brand loyalty through impactful thought leadership and personalized content. With her unique blend of creativity, compassion, and expertise, she's becoming the one to beat in B2B marketing. Beyond her marketing prowess, Emma is a globetrotter, a gaming enthusiast, a concertgoer, an impressive lip-syncer, and a yoga-pilates devotee. Above all, she fights loneliness among the elderly by volunteering for a local charity in her free time.

Lallaine Marzan

The Books Boss
Also known as the cash queen, asset kicker, and finance fighter, Lallaine is the backbone of business operations, ensuring accurate spending forecasts, risk assessments, and financial reporting and growth. When she isn’t providing high-level metrics, Lallaine enjoys spending time with family including fur friends Pickles, Pepper and Kaleesi, sipping coffee, shopping on Etsy, hiking, Peloton-ing, Orange Theory-ing, patiently waiting for the next season of Cobra Kai, and repping House Ravenclaw.

Christina Miano

MarTech Whiz
Marketing efficiency is the name of her game: Christina’s data management and marketing optimization skills help clients get the most out of their MarTech. When she isn’t chasing thoughtful, future-focused marketing strategies, she’s chasing all things under the sun with family and friends—beaching, boating, traveling, and catching memorable sunsets.

Caryl Mostacho

MarTech Disruptor
A true harbinger of MarTech disruption, Caryl assists marketers and impacts how clients reach their goals and gain that proverbial seat at the table. By leveraging the customer journey and marketing technology, Caryl builds higher-quality conversations and customer experiences that allow for business ecosystems to flourish. In her free time, Caryl enjoys reading romance and fantasy books, brunching at the freshest restaurants, watching Blue Jays baseball, and counting down to the next Olympics.

Katelyn Nollette

Superhuman Pipeline Mover
Katelyn is strategic when finding and acquiring new customers by using creative, data-driven campaigns to fill pipelines. Outside of marketing hours, she's playing soccer, paddle boarding, hiking with her dog, traveling, reading, and hosting friends and family in beautiful city and food hub, Austin, Texas.

Jessica Piraino

Puzzle Master. Data Ninja. Automation Wizard.
With a reputation for streamlining programs and optimizing processes, Jessica excels at implementing automated solutions that save time and drive marketing and business success. Her expertise empowers clients to captivate audiences, nurture leads, and achieve their marketing goals with ease. When off-duty, she immerses herself in new hobbies and cherishes moments with her husband and beloved four-legged son, Fidget. Jessica's creative spirit knows no bounds as her talents encompass archery, oil painting, sketching, and captivating writing. She has written a novel and is a published short story writer!

Jeff Plowman

Head of Pixels, Arts and Crafts
There’s no eye sharper than Jeff’s in design. He figures out what clients want before they know it. There’s no idea too complex—Jeff takes any content piece, blends it with design strategy, stitches it with visual mastery, and creates effective designs that are engaging and insightful. Art isn’t the only thing Jeff is passionate about, he loves to travel, garden, cook and try new recipes (whether they’re winners or not), and host the loudest, most fun, and people-packed parties.

Hannah Scott

Em Dash Enthusiast
A copywriter, content strategist, and demand gen marketer, Hannah is happiest while brainstorming new campaigns—and least happy when she has writer’s block. In her free time, she enjoys new recipes, handmade ceramics, and long walks through IKEA.

Ricky Spiese

Han Sale-O
As a sales and marketing closer and revenue generator, Ricky builds and executes customer-focused strategies and ABM campaigns that are lightyears ahead of our time. When he isn't using Jedi mind tricks, Ricky loves to beach hop around the world, discover Italian wines and San Diego restaurants, and revel in a good book.

Will Stevens

The Growth Catalyst
As a connoisseur of business innovation and strategic growth, Will has an impressive track record of driving clients' bottom-line growth. With expertise spanning FinTech, SaaS, Retail, eCommerce, and beyond, he excels in identifying high-leverage activities and building teams of curious doers. Beyond the business world, Will thrives in a well-rounded lifestyle filled with fitness, books, soul-stirring travel, cherished moments with his loyal canine companion, and the never-ending quest for the perfect espresso.

Ashley Svrcek

The People Visionary
A notable marketing force delivering 1:1 experiences across business and technology industries, Ashley helps B2B clients turn every challenge into an opportunity to achieve their best ROI. She’s spent her career putting people first—her empathy, curiosity, and data-driven strategies create deep relationships between business and buyer and end user and human. Ashley is never caught without a good song on in the background whether she’s hiking the back country, thrifting for treasures, enjoying coffee and crossword puzzles every Sunday, or having dinner with friends.

Laura Tiffany

The Editrix Extraordinaire
Laura is masterfully good at bringing enjoyable, engaging B2B content to the masses. With over 20 years of experience in the editorial world, she’s got a knack for creative, fresh content ideas that drive results. Outside of wordsmithing, Laura loves exploring all things new—book bucket lists, museums, and experiential art events.

Tonya Vinas

The Content and Stories Serialist
With over 25 years of experience as an industry-leading writer and editor, Tonya turns complex solutions into powerful stories that keep B2B audiences learning and converting. When she isn’t leading high-performing teams and optimizing martech and demand gen strategies, she’s a faithful homebody—reading, gardening, and cooking for loved ones.

Skye Weadick

B2B Visionary
With a 20-year track record of bringing together talented teams and implementing creative and strategic solutions, Skye helps clients exceed complex goals time and time again. When her eye isn’t on the big B2B picture, Skye enjoys exploring with her toddler, spending time with family and friends, cooking, and staying active through running, soccer, and camping.

CJ Woodling

Bash Brother of Content
CJ, the writer, the editor, the marketer, the content-on-time-man. He helps companies tell compelling stories that aren't always immediately obvious to potential customers. When he isn't injecting life into B2B content, you can find CJ running his hockey blog and podcast focused on the Anaheim Ducks or enjoying the outdoors going hiking, camping, and skiing.

Alejandra Zilak

Gryffindor Word Fairy
Alejandra, the writer, editor, and pioneer of B2B content — she inspires and empowers clients to escape marketing mediocrity to reach target audiences and achieve tangible results. She’s also the Disney race queen, a repeat Burn boot camper, and a Broadway show dreamer (you might catch her playing multi roles from Hamilton.)

Let's Be Real

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