— Amy Poehler

We believe in

Creating a work culture that revolves around real values that our team truly cares about.


We create b2b marketing for humans, not businesses.


We get real results through blood, sweat, and tears (or strategy, innovation, and creativity.)


We put the FUN in the funnel.


We listen to and focus on what matters the most—you.

Meet the Founders

Cari Baldwin and Dana Harder have over 40 years of combined experience in building and executing successful Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Content and Demand Generation Strategies, and Revenue and Profit Growth Models for countless fast-growth and enterprise-level organizations.

Cari Baldwin

Awe-inspiring People Connector and Industry Changer

Cari is a trailblazing thought leader with a passion for making the B2B world a better place, culture-wise and money-wise. Ask her how she’s loving a newly empty nest (yay!)

Dana Harder

Innovative Leader, Zen Master, and Rockstar Singer

Dana, the coffee connoisseur and meditation and yoga guru. She’s an accomplished leader who thoughtfully shares the world’s best industry knowledge, strategic tools and values, and wine recommendations.

Meet the Team

We’re a diverse team of business movers and shakers, strategy teachers and drivers, and out-of-this-world thinkers. Our team shares the vision and values of a community that builds meaningful impact and compelling experiences for forward-thinking brands.

Donovan Bean

Marketing Automation Detailer

If marketing automation challenges and solutions could harmonize, Donovan would be the producer to take this hit to number 1 on the MarTech charts. When Donovan isn’t solving MarTech woes, you can find him playing the guitar, bass, drums, and more, or bouncing around in his Jeep, camping, hot springing, hiking, and rockhounding.

Bethany Boehm

Demand Gen-Getter and Adventure Seeker

Bethany is an expert in leading high-achieving teams and helping clients overcome complex challenges by implementing impactful strategies that grow market share. Outside of accomplishing business goals, you can catch her planning her next adventure and living up the happiest of hours.

Julie Cavanaugh

Happy Camper

Family, Friends, Fun, IPA, Spicy Food, Go Ducks, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.

Heather Clark

Content Strategist, Word Stylist, and Deadline Dominator

Heather creates relevant, helpful content solutions that move audiences to take action. Outside of marketing wordsmithing, Heather enjoys the outdoorsy life — including mountain biking, trail running, and cross-country skiing.

Kaelan Crawford

Search Engine Sorcerer

Kaelan is a data-driven PPC master with years of experience in search, display, video, retargeting, and programmatic channels. In his free time, you might run into him on a downhill mountain bike trail or ski slope working on his GoPro videos.

Jeanne Dagalea

City Nomad

Jeanne sees beauty in the old, complicated, and unknown. When she isn’t providing marketing and design support, she’s dream boarding her next travel destination and honing her home cooking skills.

Jessie Goodrum

Demand Gen Champion and Queen of Black Clothing

Jessie is a B2B marketer whose first love was attribution. Passionate about helping clients become marketing rockstars, she focuses on building data-informed strategies that drive pipelines and influence revenue growth. When she’s not nerding out, you might find her hanging in Fort Mason park, hosting a game night, or playing with power tools.

Garrett Erny

Marketing Operations (MOPS) Cyclops

I consider myself to be a highly motivated, self-disciplined, goal-oriented MarTech guru who is eager to learn and improve each day! Outside of work you can find me spending time with my fiance, playing with my pitbull rescue in the backyard, listening to sports radio, and rooting for the Philadelphia sports teams!

Maggie Iskander

Resident Word Nerd

Maggie has spent her career working in journalism and content marketing, focusing on business and technology topics. When she's not on her laptop, she's spending time with family and friends, taking long walks with her dog, and enjoying the outdoors.

Christina Miano

MarTech Whiz

Marketing efficiency is the name of her game: Christina’s data management and marketing optimization skills help clients get the most out of their MarTech. When she isn’t chasing thoughtful, future-focused marketing strategies, she’s chasing all things under the sun with family and friends—beaching, boating, traveling, and catching memorable sunsets.

Gina Miller

Professional Doodle Wrangler & Mid-pack Age Group Athlete

Gina is a high-achieving, results-oriented marketer with over 20 years of experience in leading high-growth companies. Her energy, creativity, and love for all things technology bring teams, client relationships, higher sales, and revenue seamlessly together. But be wary while on foot or bike, she'll challenge your speed and stamina.

Hannah Scott

Em Dash Enthusiast

A copywriter, content strategist, and demand gen marketer, Hannah is happiest while brainstorming new campaigns—and least happy when she has writer’s block. In her free time, she enjoys new recipes, handmade ceramics, and long walks through IKEA.

Alyssa Smith

Duchess of Digital

Alyssa is an analytical and creative digital marketing professional who specializes in PPC/SEM/SMM advertising. When she's not building or optimizing campaigns for clients, she's most likely off the grid, slowly transitioning to a wannabe vanlifer.

Alex Star

Senior Demand Gen Superhero and
Snack Aficionado

Alex is a strategy-driven and dynamic B2B marketer with nearly a decade of experience managing and solving complex marketing initiatives while igniting company growth and profitability. Outside of nerd hours, you can find her doling out snacks to her kiddos, quoting Schitts Creek, or drinking a margarita (and usually all at the same time!)

Austen Street

Digital Conqueror

With a strong background in digital marketing and demand gen along with experience in social media management, graphic design, writing, and multi-channel marketing campaign execution, Austen is a marketing master. Outside of working hours, you can find him enjoying all of the perks and benefits of living in colorful Colorado.

Laura Tiffany

The Editrix Extraordinaire

Laura is masterfully good at bringing enjoyable, engaging B2B content to the masses. With over 20 years of experience in the editorial world, she’s got a knack for creative, fresh content ideas that drive results. Outside of wordsmithing, Laura loves exploring all things new—book bucket lists, museums, and experiential art events.

Tom Williams

Marketing Automation Ninja

Tom is skilled in the art of combining MarTech with winning full-funnel strategies. His tech-savvy jutsu helps clients bring in clean data, high email open rates, and leads that convert. If you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of him backcountry snowboarding or fly fishing.

Sophie Wilkins

Professional Hermit and Book Lover

Sophie has a background in marketing, journalism, and PR. Passionate about paid media and content, she's focused on strong client relationships, driving education and growth. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the PNW with her partner Andrew and pup Zelda, knitting, cooking, and getting lost in high-fantasy fiction.

  • "I've worked with the Unreal Digital team for years. They combine the unique skills of advising us on both go-to-market strategy AND execution techniques to drive pipeline. That's rare."

    Tracy Eiler
    CMO at Alation
  • “UDG is an extension of our team. They listen, offer advice and roll up their sleeves to help us get stuff done!”

    Stefanie Maragna
    Vice President of Corp. Marketing at Sage Intacct
  • "UDG are experts. They went to market quickly with little handholding and delivered high quality results. And they are smart.”

    Darin Medeiros
    Head of Sales, Americas at GO1

Let’s Be Real

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