Content Strategy Assessment

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Quiz Results: You're a Fearless Contentpreneur

You’ve set the bar high, you’re not afraid to fail, and there’s little to no baggage holding you back.

High flexibility
You’re confident in your ability to produce engaging, top-of-the-line content that resonates with your customers. Your team is stellar and consistently produces on time. You’re in a position to take a step back and devise a killer strategy to make your content rival that of the most successful brands.

Take chances with your content by experimenting a bit more with your brand voice — explore new channels and add storytelling to show your content leadership in your industry niche.

High five! Coming up with a strong, executable content strategy is hard work, and you just took an important step by assessing the state of your content marketing. So, please compliment yourself on your efforts and keep these goals in mind as you consider where to go from here:

  1. Do a gap analysis to uncover what content you really need to create. Evaluate each piece of existing content for what it does — and does not — offer customers, based on your buyer’s journey. As a whole, does your content deliver thought leadership or mostly educate on your products or services? How does your content compare to that of your competitors? Answering questions like these will help you identify what’s missing.
  2. Revisit your personas. Though fundamental to your content strategy, personas are not static and should be updated at least once a year. Markets evolve quickly and people’s buying and communication preferences change right along with them; new buying triggers and pain points can pop up overnight. Resolve to review your personas today to make sure they are current and well-defined.
  3. Determine which content to repurpose and how. Repurposing content will not only save resources but allow you to extract more value from your investments — a win-win for tight budgets and tricky approvals processes. There is no right way to repurpose, so use your creativity when devising this part of your strategy. Take a top-performing ebook and turn it into a series of blogs, or parlay your thought leadership into a podcast.
  4. Review your content from a CX perspective. To contribute to an effective and polished customer experience (CX) for your brand, your content must be consistently aligned across all channels and platforms that your customers and prospects use. Start by documenting and making sure the content in your main channels — website, chat, social media — is aligned, and create a plan to synchronize it, if it is not.
  5. Inspect your measurement and reporting capabilities. Content marketing requires patience and testing. You must be willing to take calculated risks over time and learn from your audiences’ reactions. The only way to get better is to have a solid process in place for measuring and reporting content performance. Take time every month to go over-reporting with your marketing operations team or specialist.

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