S2 E7: The Podcast Effect: How Audio Storytelling Shapes the Way We Listen

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Podcasting has become an incredibly practical and strategic approach to fostering meaningful relationships with target audiences and accounts. By featuring industry experts, thought leaders, and influential guests, you can engage prospective buyers throughout the sales funnel and establish a strong rapport – through insightful conversations, valuable insights, and thought-provoking discussions.

During this episode of the Marketing Gets Real podcast, hosts Cari and Dana chat with Devin McDonnell Founder of Devon Podcasts, about how podcasting offers a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise, build credibility, and cultivate long-lasting connections with your audience. Some key points discussed include:

  • Why podcasting became an important channel for driving engagement and feeling B2B marketing initiatives. 
  • How video is an emerging trend in podcasting that can  boost discoverability and engagement.
  • How account-based marketing strategies using podcasts can help build relationships with target accounts.
  • The new tools that allow B2B marketers to accurately measure podcast ROI by tracking listener journeys.
  • Why video and derivative content are important for B2B marketers to fuel marketing efforts on a limited budget.

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