Marketing Technology

Support your technology needs

Successful marketing takes not only excellent planning, great content, and an experienced team, it also requires efficient use of technology. The right tools ensure that your marketing reaches your buyers. Just as important, tech provides you with tracking, analysis, and reports that improve your efforts.

At UDG, we’re loud and proud MarTech nerds.

We know this is a tough — and expensive — resource to keep in house. Outsource your marketing operations to us, either as an interim resource or on an ongoing basis. We’ll keep the trains running, help you improve the efficiency of your current technology, and realize the full potential of your marketing efforts.

We know MarTech.

Campaign reporting

Improve your campaign success.

The best B2B marketers are driven by data. Campaign reporting is essential to understanding what works and where you need to improve. Without reporting, you’re marketing inside a vacuum (and who wants that?).

Our MarTech experts can improve your reporting and dive deep into your KPIs. You’ll come out with a better understanding of ROI on campaigns, and what’s needed to retain and grow your customer base.

MarTech audits

Know what’s missing.

If your company is more than a few years old, you’re likely working with a combo of legacy and new technologies and various processes implemented by multiple people. If you’re a start-up, you’ll want to make sure your systems are operationalized to scale.

Our MarTech audits offer a comprehensive look at your marketing automation system. We’ll review what’s in place, assess how your tools and processes work together, and provide feedback. You’ll benefit from more consistent data, gain efficiencies, and — let’s be real — probably sleep better at night.

Lead management

Optimize your process.

Marketing involves a process that’s both data-driven and creative, and lead management plays the main role in providing guidance for and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, demand generation programs, and sales engagement. We’ll help you better understand your buyers’ needs — building and nurturing more quality customer relationships.

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